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Company Profile


Yotsuya Audit Corporation


December 8, 2008

Partners & Associates

22 certified public accountants

Access & Contact

5F, JPR Ichigaya Bldg.
4-7-15 Kudan minami, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0074, Japan

4 minutes walk from Ichigaya Station (JR Line, Subway Line)

TEL: 03-3234-7163     FAX: 03-3237-8338

Scope of our Service

Audit Services

  • Audit under the Finacial Instruments and Exchange Act of Japan

  • Audit under the Commercial Code of Japan

  • Audit of pre-IPO companies' finacial statements

  • Non-statutotry Audits for Companies, Associations,Subsidiaries and Group Companies

  • Others

Advisory Services

  • Outsourcing of internal audits

  • Advisory and support services for establishment of internal control for financial reporting

  • Valuation

  • Agreed-upon Proccdures

  • Others

International Activities

Yotsuya Group is a member of Abacus Worldwide. Abacus Worldwide is an international association of independently owned and managed accounting and law firms. As a multi-discipline membership association, both law and accounting firms join Abacus to support international business referrals, participate in knowledge exchange and gain access to practice management tools all to better serve their growing clients. Founded in 2012, the association is currently represented by 115 member firms spanning 225 offices in 50 countries. 
Yotsuya Group can provide professional services to our clients through Abacus Worldwide network.

Referral to other professionals

such as lawyers

and specialized consultants

Audit and tax services for branch offices and subsidiary companies in foreign countries


 Advice on

international tax planning

Market research for

international investment and

establishment of representative office,

branch office and subsidiary company

Compliance with local accounting,

tax and

other statutory requirements

For more information on Abacus Worldwide, visit the association website at


Abacus Worldwide web site

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